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The Montessori Program embodies the educational principals developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. An Italian physician, Dr. Montessori’s career was dedicated to the study of children. She consistently and scientifically observed how children develop and learn.

Her research revealed that the distinct characteristics at each stage of human development are unique, and that the foundation of the whole personality is laid during the early years of life…a principle that is universally accepted in scientific circles. The mind of the child, during the first six years of life differs from that at any later stage of development. A concept defined as the “Absorbent Mind,” by Dr. Montessori.

Children become fully enveloped into the teaching method and technologies of the Montessori philosophy by age three. The Montessori Method places emphasis on parental involvement in a child’s education. Parents assist in setting goals for their child’s development and parent conferences are held routinely.

Montessori educators are uniquely trained to work with children at different ages and levels of development in mixed-aged classrooms ranging from infant – toddlers to preschool children ages 3 to 5 including Kindergarten children. Learning is encouraged in a carefully structured environment as opposed to traditional programs where children are divided based on their abilities.

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The Montessori Method of self-education is a tried and true teaching system used in both private and public early childhood educational programs around the world. The goal is to nurture each child's own innate curiosity and desire to learn.

With Montessori, children learn by employing all 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, & hearing.

Children learn by employing all 5 senses

Independence is encouraged in all activities, particularly in developing self-help skills while the teacher acts as a facilitator to ensure the needs of the child are met in an uninhibited, safe environment.

This innovative learning system places emphasis on the individual stages of a young child's development. As an individualized program, children are not pushed to do more than is developmentally appropriate.

Projects with a Purpose