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The Montessori Method encourages children to learn by:

  • Stimulating atmosphere and providing a language-enriched environment to provide the opportunity for the child to develop to their full potential and self-expression.
  • Allowing children freedom of choice, independence, and the ability to work at their own pace to encourage decision-making and maximum development.
  • Using specifically designed apparatus that are self-correcting to develop cognitive skills and problem-solving techniques.
  • Helping the child become acquainted with the environment through gardening, caretaking of animals and community field trip events.
  • Mixed-age classrooms enhance social skills and interactive learning with respect for self and others.
  • Experiencing social grace and etiquette in surroundings of elegance, beauty, and order.
  • Exploring the sciences (mathematics, science, geography, language, culture, music, and art) in a uniquely prepared environment.

Goals of a Montessori Education

  • To encourage freedom for the child to learn through his/her own discoveries.
  • Develop an inner confidence and serenity seemingly beyond a child’s age.
  • To help the child develop order from the panorama sights and sounds in the world.
  • To guide each child according to inner needs allowing for individually-paced development.
  • To originate discipline from within the child instead of imposing it from outside.
  • To discover a mutual respect for individual rights.
  • To present opportunities among children for mutual help and consideration of others.
  • To experience a joy of learning to last a lifetime.
Projects with a Purpose

The Montessori Method of self-education is a tried and true teaching system used in both private and public early childhood educational programs around the world. The goal is to nurture each child's own innate curiosity and desire to learn.

With Montessori, children learn by employing all 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, & hearing.

Children learn by employing all 5 senses

Independence is encouraged in all activities, particularly in developing self-help skills while the teacher acts as a facilitator to ensure the needs of the child are met in an uninhibited, safe environment.

This innovative learning system places emphasis on the individual stages of a young child's development. As an individualized program, children are not pushed to do more than is developmentally appropriate.

Projects with a Purpose