Summer Program

Summer ProgramOur Montessori program runs from September to June. However, we offer a more free-flowing, theme-based program during the Summer months (June to September) where we deal largely with nature, focus on science, and seasonal activities.

Each week of the Summer program offers a theme where all activities, songs, crafts and more are in-line with that particular theme. For example, during a cooking week, we will make bread, cookies and candy, or during clay week, we make clay, create sculptures and visit pottery stores in the community. (All field trips are within walking distance)

Our Summer Program is also full of exploration, with nature walks, hunts, identifying insects and other elements of our surroundings. Children learn about the environment through identifying and classifying nature.

Summer ProgramParents have the ability to choose when their child will attend our Summer Program, be it for the entire length of the session, for a particular set of consecutive weeks, or various weeks based on theme and/or need. There is no minimum number of weeks required for attendance.

Please contact us for more information about our Summer Program.

Projects with a Purpose

The Montessori Method of self-education is a tried and true teaching system used in both private and public early childhood educational programs around the world. The goal is to nurture each child's own innate curiosity and desire to learn.

With Montessori, children learn by employing all 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, & hearing.

Children learn by employing all 5 senses

Independence is encouraged in all activities, particularly in developing self-help skills while the teacher acts as a facilitator to ensure the needs of the child are met in an uninhibited, safe environment.

This innovative learning system places emphasis on the individual stages of a young child's development. As an individualized program, children are not pushed to do more than is developmentally appropriate.

Projects with a Purpose